Communication systems with renewable energy micro-grid


A smart micro-grid is a small-scale power-grid system consisting of a number of distributed energy sources, loads and storage units which is responsible to ensure power sufficiency in a small area. The effectiveness of a smart micro-grid depends on the proper implementation of a communication and networking system which monitors, controls and manages the grid’s operations. Due to the ever growing worldwide energy consumption, the need of an efficient framework for managing the way power is distributed and utilized has increased. The main objective of this project is to study the fundamental interplay between communication and power networks in the context of smart micro-grids and renewable energy sources. On the one hand, we study advanced signal processing techniques and communication methods that optimize the operation of smart micro-grid systems. On the other hand, we focus on mobile communication networks with base stations based on renewable energy sources and we investigate communication and networking techniques that take into account both data traffic and energy profiles to support high quality-of-service (QoS). The objectives of each technical work have been assigned in such a way as to ensure that the project’s target is realised during the project’s time period. The theoretical results derived will be tested using the telecommunication network of MTN in Cyprus but also the state-of-the-art equipment of the CITI/INRIA research lab in France. The outcome of this project will provide a theoretical framework and a practical demonstration for the optimal cooperation between communication networks and power networks in the context of smart micro-grids and renewable energy sources which is in line with the objectives of the call’s theme “Renewable Energy”. The consortium has the expertise and the infrastructure to implement the objectives set and bring the project to a successful end.


  • A smart micro-grid is critically dependent on the operation of autonomous and devoted infrastructure and/or non-infrastructure communication and networking systems.
 Monitor, control and intelligently manage its different parts.
  • Mobile cellular networks consist of a major source of power consumption among modern ICT systems. 
 Operation of a cellular network where BSs are equipped with renewable energy sources.


  • Study the communications and networking requirements of a smart micro-grid, which is totally based on renewable sources.
  • Study learning issues in smart micro-grids, such as power system state estimation / users' profiling / storage management/data traffic.
  • Study and optimize a cellular mobile network whose BSs are equipped by renewable energy sources.
  • Build a complete theoretical framework for the interplay between communications and renewable energy sources based on realistic data and energy profiles (MTN).
  • Implement the most promising results in a large-scale cognitive-radio platform (INRIA).
  • Establish a strong collaboration between five Mediterranean research groups in the general domain of communications and renewable energy.

smart-grid image